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Captive Concept's

Captive Concept's mission is to create a voice for those individuals who are on both sides of a difficult separation. In those awkward moments when one just can't find the words to express the feelings, we endeavor to be a positive solution to a growing societal problem and hope to help build the bridge that mitigates the difficulty of separation.

About Us

Prisoners look forward to days when they can have contact and support from loved ones on the outside. We understand that difficult situations brought about by separation can take a toll on a person’s mind and spirit. Captive Concepts is a greeting card company created to address this very issue. We produce and publish greeting cards for prisoners, so they can send their loved ones messages that they can’t articulate themselves.

Captive Concepts creates a voice...

for those individuals on both sides of this very difficult separation. We help prisoners express themselves through our illustrations and messages found in our range of greetings cards specifically designed for such situations. We make our greeting cards available in prison commissaries, allowing inmates to send these cards to their loved ones.

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